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Creation has always been part of Camille’s life. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to spend her life creating in various ways. Camille was in Multimedia concentration in high school and continued her studies in Visual Arts and Graphic Design.

At the dawn of her 10th birthday, tattoo shows were already capturing her attention. It was during her first tattoo with Martin Bruyère and his encouragement that she realized that her dream was accessible. Deep down, she always wanted to tattoo. Camille embarked on the adventure and now lives her passion.

Hyperrealism, delicate lines, pointillism realism and calligraphy are styles that stimulate her, however, she is open to touch other styles.

Camille is as passionate about the process of creating the project with the client as its execution in studio. For her, listening is an important and fundamental component to the success of the experience. She likes to take the time to develop the perfect tattoo in the eyes of her clients. Personalized tattoos are her favorite projects since she makes it her mission to create what the client has in mind and make it come true.

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