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Jeff Wiet

Jeff Wiet


Jeff Wiet was born in Ontario, Canada. He owes the beginning of his artistic endeavors to the encouragement of his amazingly supportive parents. He spent almost all of his time as a child drawing; some will even say he was born with a pencil in his hand. The development of his abilities led him to pursue studies in Illustration and Design at Dawson College and eventually in Graphic Design at Concordia University.

Although he had never really considered pursuing a career as a tattoo artist, the opportunity presented itself and he immediately seized it. He was first shown the ropes by Ron “Oldschool” Smith, but he has Gene Menges to thank for all of his priceless help and tips over the years.

Jeff Wiet spent the first 10 years of his career working at Adrenaline Montreal, where he truly made a name for himself. It was there that he received most of his training and took part in many courses pertaining to advanced wound care techniques, principles of infection control, blood borne pathogens and anatomy of the skin.

Although Jeff Wiet remains a modest artist, he has many accomplishments under his belt. He tattooed Angelina Jolie back in 2004 and has been ranked in the top two of the Montreal Mirror’s “Best of Montreal” for the best tattoo artist category every year since its beginnings in 2004. One of his tattoos also earned him first prize in one of Flash Magazines’ contests in 2006.

A new page was turned in November 2009, when Jeff Wiet left Adrenaline to begin his solo career. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!


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