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Ryan Nauth

Ryan Nauth


For Ryan, becoming a thriving artist was a difficult task, but it was always the choice. The only choice. And although tattooing wasn’t his first choice in the arts, he was encouraged by his peers to develop a career in the industry.

Tattooing has opened a world for him that has not only changed his artwork, but has instilled vast diversity between thought, style and culture.

Through discoveries and hardships, he decided to stop searching for who he was and what he wanted to be and identify as an essence of tradition in tattoos. Their permanence is with us ’til death.

He has practiced several styles of tattoo and been through a few trends. Ultimately, he finds his passion rounding back to black and grey, neo-traditional and illustrative styles. He loves colour, he loves weighted lines and there’s nothing more satisfying to him than washing greys.


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