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Our tattoo artists

Our tattoo artists are among the best in the industry and are there to consult with customers (for free) and make sure their experience is the best it can be.

Whether they bring in their own artwork, browse through our variety of reference images or have the artists design a custom piece, we are here to ensure that the end result not only meets but exceeds their expectations.



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Tattoo aftercare

Proper cleaning and care is essential for your tattoo to heal properly, which is why we recommend you follow our aftercare advice very carefully.

  • First, we recommend that you remove the bandage two to four hours after the tattoo’s completion and wash the area with a mild unscented soap. It is preferable to use a liquid soap or a new bar, which you will dedicate solely to your new tattoo. Once the area is clean, pat dry making sure not to rub the area, with a clean paper towel. Do not use a hand or bath towel.
  • Once the tattooed area is dry, apply a very thin layer of Tattoo Goo or Afterinked over the tattoo and dab off any excess with a clean paper towel.
  • Repeat every 2-3 hours. Fifteen to 20 minutes following the application of the ointment, your tattoo may begin to secrete (ooze) and there may be some blood or color seeping out. Rest assured this is completely normal!
  • Gently dab the tattoo with a clean moist paper towel to remove the excess secretion.
  • After a day or two, the tattoo will begin to scab or crust. Continue the above process for about six more days or until the tattoo is smooth again and all the scabs have fallen off.
  • Although the tattoo may be very itchy, it is important to refrain from scratching the area during the healing process.
  • Once the skin is smooth, you can begin to use a moisturizing hand cream throughout the day to help keep the area moist and avoid any dry skin.

Dos and Don'ts

  • While it is acceptable for the tattoo to get wet, it must not be submerged in water, which means no swimming, baths or hot tubs during the healing process
  • Keep hand towels and bath towels off the tattoo for the duration of the healing process. Towels harbour a great deal of bacteria and are therefore harmful to the tattoo.
  • Do not pick or scratch the tattoo while it is healing, as this could damage it and result in color loss and the unwanted need for touch-ups and/ or scarring.
  • Do not expose your tattoo to the sun while it is healing. Once it is healed, applying sun block is highly recommended.


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